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I know, this post is a few days late. It's been a bit strange, to say the
least, over the past week and a half.

But first, this choice moment from court this morning:

Judge: *calls jail where a mother is placed*

Jail: please hold

*cue hold music*

Public Defender: sounds like a nine-year-old's recital

Bailiff: doesn't sound right for a jail

Me: what did you expect, angry rap music? Ice T's FTP?

Judge: *starts dancing in his chair* Good thing this isn't being recorded

Me: But the bailiffs outside can see it on the cameras

Bailiff: No, this is being video recorded

...Yes. This is what happens in court.

With the way the laws have changed, all delinquencies are being shifted
over to the commissioner next door, so our judge will have a lot more free
time on his hands. His solution? To make our hearings last longer. Which
means he couldn't schedule as many hearings in a day. Which means we'd be
in court five days a week.

We all agree that that's a super poor choice. So we lawyers have to get
together and meet and make sure we nip that business in the bud. In addition to this court, I have another court I'm beholden
to, not to mention the hundred-odd kids I need to see for an hour every

Yeah. The new change in the laws will be an adventure. Time will only tell
whether it was a good idea or not.

I have a new kid who's transgender but also sexually reactive. We're trying
to untangle what's gender dysphoria and what's trauma. It's a huge mess,
especially since the grandpa watching him wasn't handling it well.

Last week wasn't a bad one. Did a lot of crazy things, and lazy things. Did
better at walking Dingo in the mornings. Four out of five days. We are
sleeping in the basement again, which seems to go better, because the
sunlight doesn't wake us up, and it's also less noisy. The dogs have been
noisier in the night, though, which is kind of irritating.

Family drama continues apace. Phone calls. Worries. Dad, for all that he's
supposed to be retired, is traveling again, so I've been keeping up with my
mom to make sure she's not too lonely. Two people in my old neighborhood
passed away - one lady hanged herself, another man died of cancer.

It wasn't an easy week, but Cody and I made it through. We had fun, playing
the 36 Questions game. We've been playing some other question games, which
have been fun, and also going on dates.

Best part of Saturday, though? Was rearranging the sitting room. Got my new
drums set up. Wow, Zildjian cymbals sound better than I remember. So, so
good. And finally the couches are both no longer smushed against the same
wall. People can come and sit and face each other now. So much more room.
Ivy and Dingo are a bit baffled by the new configuration, but it's good.

I started watching Poldark finally, and also Humans (hello, Colin Morgan!
Long time no see). Watched a bit more Outlander, and of course wrote a lot.

The neighborhood walkabout was on Sunday, but Cody was feeling a bit of
social anxiety, so instead we stayed in and watched an action flick and ate
steak and potatoes. That was pretty good.

Monday was my second only ever adjudication trial. First ever LEO
witnesses. One was great, the other was lame. Eight witnesses before noon.
Go prosecutor! I went grocery shopping at the new place that just opened up
near the house. It's not laid out like I'm used to, but it was nice enough.
Reckon I'll stick with it for a while and see how it goes.

Walking Dingo continues apace. Started the evil seven minutes again. Reckon
it's best to do it after the walk than before so the walk actually happens.
Cody heads for Germany this weekend. He is pretty nervous about it. Last
weekend he went mountain biking with his brothers and friends, and that was
good for him.

We are making plans for a family get-together for the Fourth. I have plans
to bake cupcakes and take frosting and sprinkles so the kids can help me
decorate them. Writing continues well.

Cody and I are both pretty stressed out at work, but we are doing well. We
have our ups and downs, but we always talk them out, and we are the
stronger for them after.

Also, with the new drums, we play music together more. Had a bit of a meta
moment the other day - I sat down and put on music to play to a song, and
Cody sat down at the piano to play to me. It was pretty fun!

Mum has been having adventures with the kilt dad bought. I am excited to
see her this weekend. Here's to a good week!


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