Learning about Brownies

Oct. 20th, 2017 11:18 am
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Normally I do a Brownie post fortnightly, but somehow I've miscalculated, and, as it's the end of the half term, you're getting another post this week!

With only two leaders present (Sparkly Owl had gone to a wedding reception) we decided we'd go for something easy, and continue with learning about Brownies, how the organisation came about, and some of our traditions.

We began by reading the Brownie Story - in which two children visit a wise old owl and learn how they could be helpful brownies.  I adopted the same method as last time, split the girls into twos and allocated each couple a character; when their character does something in the story the girls act it out.  Some of the Brownies remembered doing this from last time, about a year ago, but they all joined in with enthusiasm.  The only slight disappointment was two of our new girls were away, for whatever reason, and missed out.

After which we moved into the large hall for a running quiz.  We were surprised at how little the older Brownies could remember about some of the guiding basics - like when Thinking Day is.  We do try to tell them about such things, because it gives them an idea of how big an organisation they belong to, and that there are Guides and Brownies all over the world.  On the plus side, it's inspired us to celebrate Thinking Day next year - because it falls on a Brownie evening - and we'll then have a go at the World Guiding badge.

Finally we began to talk about the Brownie promise.  We thought this might be quite difficult to discuss 'be true to myself and develop my beliefs', but it led to a really good talk about dealing with bullies, and having faith in yourself.  Even some of the quieter girls joined in, and they all had really sensible things to say - impressive for 7 to 9 year olds.

And now, a question for my flist, because you were all very helpful when I was preparing for the World Traveller badge:
Does anyone (anywhere) have a friend or relative who runs a Brownie/Girl Scout/Guide unit for the 7 to 10 age group, who would be interested in swapping postcards with us.  Obviously everything would be sent to the Leader(s) rather than directly to the girls.
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Show: SGA

Rec Category: Crossover (Firefly)
Characters: Rodney McKay, Kaylee
Pairings: None
Categories: Crossover, Angst, Dark, Slave, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Off screen death of SGA member and it is Reavers so lots of gore, violence, mutilation, rape, and cannibalism
Author's Website: AO3 or Livejournal
Link: The Monster in the Closet and the sequel

Why This Must Be Read:

Kaylee have been captured by Reavers and barely surviving on their ship. Circumstances are extremely grim. Until one day a new, strange prisoner arrives...

What happens to Kaylee and Rodney is horrific, and it's written from the POV of a Kaylee who has been bludgeoned into becoming matter-of-fact and almost affectless about the horror, though bits of her canon personality still peek through. The way she and Rodney end up escaping the Reavers is a nice ironic twist. (Don't feed Wraith to those who know what they are.) A short but haunting story, which, despite the warnings and grimness, ends on a note of real, sweet hope. It has a sequel that, although it deals with PTSD, offers a happy ending.

snippet of fic )

Socks, by Cofax (G)

Oct. 18th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Show: SG-1

Rec Category: Episode-Related
Characters: Sam Carter
Pairings: none
Categories: gen
Warnings: none
Author's Journal: [personal profile] cofax7
Author's Website: [archiveofourown.org profile] cofax
Link: Socks

Why This Must Be Read:

In this short fic, Cofax gives us a wonderful look at Sam Carter at the very beginning, freshly back from Chulak after the events of "Children of the Gods," and realizing what becoming a field officer will truly demand. I love early-series SG-1 fics that look at the formation of the team, but this one stands out because it's just Sam, tired, sore, and recalibrating her own standards for herself. Sam's grim struggles with her shoelaces capture the brilliance and determination that make her who she is, at the same time as they invite us to reconsider the episode in terms of her physical experiences. Instant headcanon!

Snippet of fic:

An Air Force captain is fit, strong, always ready for duty. Five times a week, Sam runs five miles. She lifts weights, stretches, takes the occasional aerobics class. She can defend herself hand-to-hand and with a wide array of weapons.