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So, when Cody's gone for a week, I am a total basket case. There was a
whole lot of me being lame, sleeping in, and cuddling with the dogs. I
didn't sleep well. I watched almost the entire first season of Outlander in
one night, staying up late and waiting for Cody to get home. I watched rom
coms and ate a lot of junk food - ate like a teenager, I called it. Ice
cream and jalapeno poppers and tacos and whatever else. Took my pistol out
shooting, upped my accuracy some.

I wrote a whole lot. Like...over thirty-thousand words, most of which was
on a single story that I got hit with a plot bunny for.

Dance class on Wednesday was super bizarre. There was some kind of child
recital going on, so the parking lot was packed, and there were tiny girls
in tutus everywhere, and were banished to the art gallery as our dance
studio. I thought the lack of mirrors would be the worst.

No. The floor was the worst. I had not previously appreciated how much give
the floors in the dance studio have. We learned the sayidi hop for our
advanced class, and...ow. So I picked up a new pair of dance shoes.

I was so glad when Cody got home. We spent all of Saturday together,
running errands and getting food and going shooting. We spent all of Sunday
together, first at church and then at the ward walkabout after. And then we
spent all of Monday together - shooting, more errands, going out to dinner
with Cody's parents when they came into town.

This work week is pretty chill. Last week was kinda crazy. Had drug court,
and went to Tamale Thursday for the first time in a long time. Scrambled to
avoid a trial, and also sit through a bunch of mediations. This week is
more mediations.

I was totally lame about working out last week, but so far I've been better
this week. Walked Dingo yesterday. Walked him today, and also did the
7-minute workout on the recommendation of one of the bailiffs (and then
fell asleep).

But I finished my first Western story ever, with dubious results.

Also, I am a yarn engineer. The sock loom was not working for me, so I
picked up some small-gauge double-pointed needles and some sock yarn and
did some finagling, and now I think I know how to knit socks. It'll take me
some time to make them neat, but I can do it! With time and practice.

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