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2017-09-13 04:39 pm

Friendship is Food

I email with my friend [personal profile] brumeier on pretty much a daily basis, and she listens patiently to my story ideas and my rants about my job. She has frequently received notice when I buy an express ticket for the high-speed train to Hangry-ville because I failed to have breakfast and work goes through lunch. I got home from work today (after feeling sick all day and feeling sicker by the end of the day, getting landed with a three-day trial for a case that's not mine being the cherry on top of the Why Me cake), and I found a package addressed to me from her.

And it contained a very cute card and some snacks for me to take to court (and share with hungry bailiffs if they do not strike my fancy). More than that, though, it contained love and friendship. Thank you, Bru.

See the pictures here.