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Kinda feelin' like I'm flying high. Why? Why, because the bailiffs, who are awesome and also kind of adorable, heard about the drug cartel concerns and did some digging around. Looked up the guy's record, checked with their buddies on the organized crime task force, and none of them have ever heard of the guy, so we are down from condition black and somewhere down to condition yellow, but probably never back down to condition white.

I really love the people I work with. We have good times. We are increasing the numbers in our nerdy little Star Wars guild, so now people coming through the courthouse during a lull might see us all sitting around, silent and intent over our phones, and occasionally asking, "Are you winning?" and "Did you do your chores yet?"

The prosecutor and I showed one of the bailiffs the famous Leeroy Jenkins video from WoW, and now it's a running joke between us. In court yesterday, the prosecutor told the judge he and the bailiff knew my online writing screen name (no they don't or I'd never hear the end of it), and the bailiff was puzzled, said No we don't and the prosecutor said, without missing a beat, Yes we do, it's Leeroy Jenkins and I nearly choked on my drink. So, so good.

Naomi and I had awesome good times at the concert on Saturday night. Good food, nice weather, and also Ben Folds rocked the "Rock this bitch" number by improv-ing and making up a song on the fly and the orchestrating it on the fly, which was hardcore.

Cody had good times out watching the fights with his brother and friends. We still cannot find Dingo's radio collar, but oh well.

Last week had a strange pall over it, though, because of the stress from whole stupid drug cartel thing. But now that is done, so I can relax!

And frantically clean my house before my parents get here make a mess and put tile down on the floor. It's going to be an adventure and a half, that's for sure.

We are dancing on the a restaurant. I used to dance in strange places as a hula dancer all the time as a kid, at weddings and church luaus and stuff, but never in a restaurant. So it's going to be an adventure. No clue what size of dance space we have. And seriously little time to prep. So...practice! Lots and lots of practice. We will fake it. We can do it. I know we can.

Life is going all right. Work is pretty frantic. I have picked up some crazy cases (never did make it under a hundred kids, but oh well).

I met my writing deadlines for last month, and now the new month is here, so it's going to be a crunch to meet the new deadlines, so here we go!

I am still flying pretty high, though.

Here goes.


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