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Last week was an okay one. And by okay I mean ridiculously busy. Endless court. Covering a mediation that started nearly two hours late (and have I mentioned that they're only scheduled to last for two hours?)

A lot of my crazy and contentious hearings were up in the southern courthouse, but Dan had to cover those for me, so I was on tenterhooks, waiting for things to happen, seeing what he managed to do. He did amazing. I was super upset that one of my cases blew up on Friday - with the hearing on Monday. Shouldn't have been surprised, though. That same lawyer filed a motion to change venue the Friday before a trial started on a Monday.

It had its bright moments, though. I got to color with kids and get toddler hugs and play hot wheels with kids.

I also had to deal with an asshole of an attorney who apparently doesn't understand the law at all, because he had the gall to state that a grandparent had the right to provide daycare for my kid. (Hell no I'm not letting that grandma do daycare in her home because she lives with a registered sex offender, and even if he only has a criminal record as an adult for assaulting another adult, I know his juvenile record, and let us not forget, at least sixty percent of adults convicted of sexually assaulting another adult have also assaulted children.) I shut him down fast.

The bailiffs keep making fun of my huge water bottle (64 oz., which equates to 8 8oz glasses of water a day, the recommended amount), but then one of my kids read a letter to the judge detailing his plans to go stabbing people in the back with a shovel, and I was like, hey, this heavy huge thing is also an effective weapon. After the hearing, the judge asked if I'd inquired of my client whether the voices that were telling him to hurt his program staff were also telling him to hurt his lawyer.

Nope. Not giving the kid any ideas.

Apparently the state hospital refused to take him 3 times previously. Hopefully this latest run of homicidal ideation will convince them that he needs their level of care. For reals.

Cody came back on Thursday, which was nice. We came home. Fell asleep. Screwed up our own sleep schedules. Had generally chill days on Friday and Saturday. Friday night, Cody, Naomi, and I went to see the new Spider-Man. Of the three of us, I think I liked it best. Good times. Revenge of the nerds. Justice wasn't kidding - Michael Keaton was pretty awesome.

Naomi and I went to another concert - Leslie Odom Jr. So good. The weather was lovely, we had good food, and we enjoyed ourselves. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy jazz. He brought his wife on stage to sing with him for a song, and that was super cute.

It's been so good to have Cody back. There's talk of him flying out to New York on another business trip next month, which is really only a couple of weeks ago. It's nonstop.

My sister is stirring up more drama. This divorce is going to be ugly.

My father, who's been saying he's going to retire since 1999, has signed another 6-month consulting contract. My mom's not doing so well - super stressed out, thought she was having heart problems, turns out it's stress so the doctor gave her some low-dose anti-anxiety meds.

I started reading fics by the inimitable [personal profile] ivorygates, and it's put a serious damper on my word count, but it's been a while since I've been so enthralled by a writer, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Hoping to go to dance this week.

One of my kids ran last week. The day after his hearing. We warned him. You're 18 now. If they catch you, it's county jail, not juvenile detention. But he ran anyway.

Picked up my other runaway this weekend. I need to go visit him in baby jail between hearings today. Fun times.

I have also spent the last week feeling tired and queasy. Not sure why. My stomach has been in endless rebellion. Fun times.

Here's to another week!
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