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Flew solo this week. It was an adventure and a half, a strange combination of tension and boredom.

I spent Monday doing what court work I had to, and then the rest of the day baking. Three dozen cupcakes, plus a dozen and a half mini cheesecakes. Dingo managed to steal one out of the refrigerator, but otherwise they made it intact. I cooked a bunch of chicken in the crockpot to use for dinners all this week, which was a pretty solid plan. Had lots of tacos, and also some pesto chicken with pasta, so I call that a win.

I also gave myself a henna tattoo out of boredom. I had plans to watch loads and loads of TV while Cody was gone, all of the Poldark and rom-coms and whatever else I didn't think he'd stand for, but in the end I haven't been watching much, have been writing more instead, which is good. The tattoo looks pretty good, though. I've crocheted some. Cleaned and organized some.

Tuesday I went to hang out with my family for the Fourth - mom, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, and nominally my sister. She didn't pay much attention to the kids (as usual), but we had good food, and fun on the picnic (Marina can throw a frisbee better than me, but I am better at water gun fights, and together Marina and I invented a new game - frisbee volleyball). Marina and Noah helped me decorate cupcakes, and we played, and it was a lot of fun.

But also awkward, those moments where I could see my sister and her soon-to-be ex-husband needling each other. Poor kids. So awkward and tense.

I came home myself to make sure the dogs weren't alone during the worst of the fireworks (they cuddled up with me and were pretty okay). I brought some cupcakes to my elderly neighbor, and I made raspberry sauce for the mini cheesecakes. And I wrote.

Thanks to the power of Facebook Messenger and FaceTime, Cody and I have been able to stay in much better contact than we did while he was in Hawaii. The dogs don't respond to his voice over the phone, but he tried anyway. He's pretty stressed out, but he also did go to Prague for the weekend, so that was nice for him. Ish. Lots of walking. And his boss missed the bus, so he went alone.

Wednesday was a bit of a disaster. Day started off with me unable to find my keys, and I searched for about half an hour. Called the paralegal, told her to scare up coverage with the other lawyers, call the caseworkers to tell them that I was going to miss my meetings, and then right when I hung up, there they were. A miracle, for reals. I made it to court in time to deliver a share of cupcakes and cheesecakes, so that was good. One of my kids is AWOL, and the work to get it sorted out has been exhausting. And stressful, because people are lying and hiding and it gets old. So fast.

Thursday was a long day, too, because I got landed with a case that has been handled stupidly up to this point (so strange, because that caseworker handled all my other cases well), and also this one controlling grandma freaked out at me (because the judge sided with me instead of her when it came to the fact that she'd made an "agreement" that was, oh yes, against the law. I did get to spend half an hour starting to build a kinex rollercoaster with one of my clients, which was super fun.

Worked late, though, got home tired. Did finally sell my drums, to a nice kid, a music enthusiast (though not a musician himself). I never did learn his name.

Friday was a pretty good day. Chill. I was pretty lazy. Had good food, though. I mean, obviously I went to work, but after that, chill, which I always enjoy.

Saturday was also a fairly lazy day, but Naomi and I got to go to our concert. She was a bit late because she was coming from a family reunion, and we had to park far away and hike a lot, but halfway through there was thunder and lightning and wind, and people started leaving, so we could move our blanket closer. The band was old, and the wind messed with the acoustics, but we had a good time. The Beach Boys were my favorite band when I was a kid, and it so cool to finally be able to see them live. Don't know that I'll ever get the chance again.

Also, at the last minute, I got tapped to teach Primary, so me and a trio of five-year-olds it is. My plans involve a very short lesson and a long session of coloring. Cody really is better with the kids than I am, but oh well.

Flying solo hasn't been too bad. Dingo's been a punk face - stole a cupcake, stole Ivy's come-inside milkbone right from her the other night - but he and Ivy have been pretty darn good to me, cuddling with me and the like. Also they have protected the house. And also they've woken me in the middle of the night, but hey, dogs. Like children. In their own furry, affectionate way.

Here's to another week flying solo.

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