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Last week's entry was late, and this week's entry is on time. Chances of me falling asleep any time soon are pretty low, partially because I slept in late, and partially because Cody's gone on his business trip to Berlin and Prague. I never sleep well when he's gone.

This past week wasn't a bad one, a far as work is concerned. Sure, Monday started with a trial, and I picked up some new cases (dude who drops a baby after failing at an act of thievery), and one case reopened after being closed less than three months, and there was screaming and shouting and recriminations in the hallway. It's not fair, the grandparents said. Our kids made the mistake, not us. And now the babies are going to suffer. No, it's not fair. And yes, the babies are going to suffer. Consequences are rarely pretty in this line of work.

Cody and I went on a bunch of dates to make up for the fact that he's going to be gone for two weeks and we won't have dates - fancy burgers, tacos, Thai food. Sometimes we stayed in and watched TV too - the new John Wick, finished season 2 of Korra and started on Season 3.

My mom came up on Friday - she's here to watch my sister's kids while my brother-in-law works on house projects - so we had lunch together and then she headed up North. I spent most of Saturday running errands with Cody to help him prep for his trip. We boxed up samples and tools, picked up some supplies. I took Cody and his boss to the airport today, then headed a little further north to hang out with my mother, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew. My sister was there for a second, but she was just leaving as I arrived.

I hung out mostly with my niece - it takes a bit for my nephew to warm up to me - and my mom cut my hair. My niece and I spent our time with me painting her nails, and then me showing her how to do origami. She's super bright - she figured out how to make a pretty simple bird all by herself, looking at pictures. And she did some of her own origami designs. At five, that's really impressive. I don't think I managed that till I was at least...eight? Maybe even ten. She's such a bright girl, and a sweet girl. But she got cranky and anxious whenever I got out my cell phone (mostly to take pictures of our progress and send them to relatives).

Dinner was good - always is when my mother cooks - and after we talked, and then I drove home. Talked to my mother-in-law and mother for the drive. Now it's just me and the dogs, and me trying to figure out how to fall asleep. It'll be an adventure and a half, that's for sure.

Who knows how this week will be. Or the next week. I have plans to keep busy - watch movies and shows Cody doesn't like, bake some treats, give myself another henna tattoo. Try to write. First day of then month was zero words. I have deadlines so I need to find other words. We shall see what I manage.

Cody spilled HF on himself in the lab on Friday. Not a super good day. Luckily the stuff was pretty dilute, so he didn't get burnt, but it was a scare all the same.

The tree trimmers came on Friday and got started, but then got called away on an emergency job and didn't come back. Ivy and Dingo were suuuuper upset by all the strangers and noise, but once I bunked down on the bed with them they calmed down. While the people are home, they are pretty chill about the fireworks. I'm a little nervous about leaving them alone on the 4th, but I think they will be okay overall. I will miss their little faces. They're good company, however annoying Cody finds them.

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