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Apparently I am so utterly useless while my husband is gone that I don't update my journal for two weeks after he gets back.

Work was...crazy. I made a girl cry and fought hard for her to get sent to jail, because consequences. I picked up a crazy protective order and listened to this insane family. I worked crazy late some nights. Listened to horror stories in other peoples' lives and saw some kids be bitterly disappointed when their dad chose drugs over them. (He told me and the caseworker over the phone that he was skipping is one visit a week with his kids because he'd decided to get high after work. I get that once someone's an addict, feeding that addiction is less of a choice than we non-addicts think, but it's heartbreaking all the same, to see these kids give up on their dad because they feel like he's already given up on them.)

One family that was doing awful is doing good, and we're making some really good forward progress, so that made me happy. Got to spend time with some interns, which is always an adventure. Dancing is going well. Got to speak to my parents, which is good.

The big adventure this week was going hiking for Naomi's 40th birthday. Took Friday and Monday off, drove down to Moab, and hiked it all. And by "all" I mean all that three office employees can manage in three days. Hiked what we could of Arches National Park, given that the place is under construction. Hiked Canyonlands National Park - what bit we could, since the more intense stuff is for bikers, back country hikers, or 4-wheeling. Hiked Dead Horse Point State Park, which was actually quite short and leisurely, but very scenic, overlooking the Colorado River and associated canyon and geological features.

We slept in a tent, which was hot and uncomfortable. It was really windy - should have expected that, given how much of the landscape out there is formed by wind erosion - so sleep was a bit hit or miss when we'd wake up sure that the tent was going to blow away with us in it or blow down on top of us. But we ate delicious food, all with the magic of a little charcoal barbecue. For three days, we ate like kings.

When we were on the road, we sang together to whatever music was playing that we all new (read: classic rock and RHCP). We took ridiculous amounts of pictures and talked and laughed, and it was a good time.

But we're home now, an I am glad for it. A cold spell hit here while we were out camping, so we left 80 degree weather and 50 mph wind gusts and came home to 60 degree weather and clouds. Don't want to go back to work, but life calls, as always.

Ready to face this week.

Pretty embarrassingly, I was climbing around in the back of the van foraging for supplies and fell and twisted my ankle, and now my ankle is a bit wonky, which is bad, because for dance class we have dress rehearsal on Wednesday and performance on Saturday. Good times! Apparently our actual performance is not quite confirmed, so we may be staging a flash mob. Who knows!

Hope mum and dad make it home safely this week.
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