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Last week was rough, all around. Three days of training, including watching
horrifying interviews with child molesters, and hearing in graphic detail
what happens to children when you leave them in hot cars for too long (no,
they don't just turn a bit red in the face, pass out, and die peacefully).
Also learned some really cool stuff about how human memory works, and heard
an inspiring story about an attorney who was homeless on the streets as a

The weather was awful, we got like eight inches of snow, and one of the
prosecutors let me crash on the spare bed in her room, which was super
nice. She was pretty good company, let me tag along to a dinner with her
friend, but because I was mentally exhausted I was asleep at half past nine.

On the day we went to leave, it was snowing all morning. Snow had stopped
falling by the time I headed out to my van, only I discovered that there
was no snow scraper in the van. Why would there be? It's almost June! So I
was hanging out the driver's side door, pushing snow off my windshield with
one of my husband's mittens over my glove, and a construction worker took
pity on me and helped me scrape off my car. I think it was the panda hat. I
probably looked smaller and less threatening than, well, a child welfare

Dance class was really good - made really good progress on our dances, plus
had an interesting discussion about musicality and music theory. That's
what I love about that class - it's more than just dancing technique.

Friday night, Naomi and I went to see Don Giovanni. It was sooooo cool!
Beautiful music, and a great performance. Re-set in the 1950's, the
production was really amazing. I don't actually like Don Giovanni as a
character (apparently back then "charmer" was synonymous with "rapist"),
but the actor who played him had a phenomenal voice. The stars of the show,
I think, were Leporello and Elvira. So funny, and also so passionate
(though Don Ottavio put up a good showing as well). After the show, Naomi
and I went to the Cheesecake Factory.

On Saturday, Cody and I packed him up, and I took him, his coworker, and
his boss to the airport. We got to his boss's house a bit early and so his
son entertained us with card tricks while the boss packed. Kid was a pretty
talented magician. Good times!

And then I literally spent the ENTIRE weekend moping, watching SGA, H50,
and American Gods. For reals. Stayed up suuuuuper late because I never
sleep well when Cody's gone, and moped. Only wrote a bit here and there.
Never did any chores. And got little writing done.

So this morning I got out of bed early and did chores - emptied the trash
and pushed it out to the street, tidied up the kitchen, folded the laundry
and put it away. Lolled around the house till I had to come to court.

Pretty sure I literally did not speak to another human being all day
Sunday. It was sad.

So I'm making up for it by chattering to the bailiffs. Also called my
parents. They're in Scotland. Possibly were food-poisoned by my aunt and
uncle? Not feeling too good, all the same.

I think I'd do better with Cody being gone if Mum and Dad were still here
to talk to, but it's just me and the dogs (and random Creation interviews
in the background, just so it sounds like people are in the house). Cody
will be home in a few days, though, so it'll be fine. He says Hawaii is
beautiful and he wishes I was there. I started crying on the phone when he
said that.

I am always sooooo excited for when Cody goes on a business trip, make all
kinds of grand plans. And they never happen. I'm just a mess when he's
gone. If something serious ever happens to him, I might just stop
functioning as a human being.

Till then, carry on.

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