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Whew! This week seemed like a long one, but it ended well. The week started crazy - emergency pretrial on Monday turned into us scheduling a full-blown trial at the end of the month, with discovery due this Friday. Woohoo! Private petition, no less. Plus some seriously combative pro se parents. Parents who SAY they're going to get attorneys and never get attorneys drive me crazy, but on the other hand, it means I don't have to talk to them, so that's nice.

There was some driving around and some crazy meetings, but a good number of my cases are going well, so that's what counts.

The best part of this weekend, though, hands down, was camping with the family. We busted out of work on Thursday and drove south, met my parents at a campground where they had a pop-up camper set up, and it was good times. Lots of mama's awesome home cooking, plus lots of being lazy. The weather on Friday and Saturday was super lame - snow on Friday, crazy wind on Saturday, and finally nice on Sunday. When we had to leave.

But I spent most of Friday lying around and reading. We took a brief foray into town to the cheese factory outlet store, and also to a pawnshop, where we got a good deal on a Ruger LCP. Took it out shooting on Saturday, and it was awesome. But I read! I read Brandon Sanderson's Calamity, and Aundrea Singer's Blood for Magic, and also got halfway through the RBG bio I picked up at the fancy bookstore cafe when I was out to lunch with the girls earlier this month.

Saturday we went driving up the canyon, which was lovely. It was less windy up the canyon, but there was still snow on the ground. We found the ski resort up there, which was interesting - online it always has good prices - and we got to see town, so that was super nice indeed. Then we spent the afternoon coloring - me, mum, and Cody (yes, colorblind Cody, mum helped him pick colors) - and listening to the BBC Radio version of Stardust, which was lovely.

Even though at night it was cold and windy, I am pretty sure that those were the best three nights of sleep I've had in a while. It was fun hanging out with my parents - we played card games and talked. Cody started a bonfire and we sat around the bonfire literally singing songs (though not campfire songs so much as irreverent WWII marching songs my dad knows), reading, and drinking hot cocoa.

On the way home, Cody and I picked up a hitchhiker, a hippie kid named Brandon and his dog, and he chattered with Cody all the way home. Harmless kid, a little weird, but earnest. Reading between the lines of what he said, sounds like he had a pretty rough growing up. His dog was super sweet, though, really liked Cody.

We came home, unpacked, took a nap, and now...back to the real world. So good to see Ivy and Dingo after being gone all weekend. They were very interested in how we smelled like other people's dogs.

Here's to making it through the next week!


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