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Last week was a bit of a slow week, thankfully, even though I was still covering for Dan one last week. There were bursts of crazy, but I made it through, and that's what counts. Had team meetings, had home visits. Had lots of court. Spent an hour and a half one day at court helping a literally snot-nosed three-year-old color. I convinced him and his older brother that my soul tastes like cookies. My good deed for the week.

Pretty darn excited to be starting back up with dancing this week. Really cute stuff we've got going on already! And doing something interesting for advanced class, rhythm-wise. Also, Naomi and I went to a Beats Antique concert, which was kind of amazing, for reals. Zoe Jakes is a phenomenal dancer live. In retrospect, though, it might have been a poor choice to go to a concert on 4/20. In addition to the expected ranks of drunk people, there were an awful lot of stoned people. Our throats ached from the smoke after, and I felt awful all the next and Saturday. But seeing Zoe dance live was totally worth it. Neither of us were huge fans of the DJ who was the opening act. There was a good pop-and-lock dancer in the crowd. And a lot of bad belly dancers. And one drunk chick with wings. We were pretty sure she was gonna accidentally put someone's eye out. Naomi and I had fun, though, getting food together, people-watching, and dancing (when the dancers onstage weren't dancing).

On the way home, we listened to Zep and Muse and contemplated finally choreographing our own thing for a show coming up. We figured we'd skip one class and dance the other, plus our own number. Three numbers in one show would kinda be murder.

Got the result of one of last month's trials last week. The result I expected, but it took a while all the same. Got the decision the day after the post-termination review on that case, and my kids were pretty anxious about it. Had some parents skip court and then get a default. They showed up later, and we were set for an emergency pretrial today, and now we're set for trial, with some really rapid deadlines. Deadlines you wouldn't get in district court, but hey, this is juvenile. It's going to be an adventure and a half.

We're solidifying plans to go camping with my parents this weekend, which will be nice. So many books I've wanted to read that I haven't read yet. Good times.

There was a car accident out in front of our house on Saturday while we were working on changing the oil in the van and Mustang. Didn't see it, but I heard it from inside. By the time I made it outside, there were two wrecked cars, a bunch of rubberneckers, and concerned people on cellphones. Given that we live close to the police station, people responded quickly. The ambulances didn't go tearing for the hospitals, so I guess no one was sick.

Cody and I spent a lot of time on Saturday marathoning Forever, which I started last week. Watched all twenty episodes in one week, which is kind of embarrassing, but it was good. So sad it only lasted one season. But Cody had pulled one of the mattresses out of the guest room into the den so we could sprawl out and watch for a long time, and it was fun. Also, we're finally caught up on Badlands, so that's interesting times.

I was pretty lazy all weekend, but we went to the ward walkabout despite the rain, and also I finished building the robot music box I'd ordered online ages ago. It was good times. It plays that Frankie Valli song that Heath Ledger sings in 10 Things I Hate About You. It was fun to build, but I'm not sure I have a good reason to keep the thing, so I am considering giving it to my nephew, who likes music boxes.

It started raining Saturday and has been raining on and off since then, which was led to migraines and headaches and also muddy puppy paw prints all over my floors, but I am surviving.

Here's to surviving this week, which will come with its own brand of crazy, but which will have a pleasant end.

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