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It's been another week, and the last one was long. Five days of court. It
was rough. Some pretty crazy cases. I tried something new in my practice
that I've always avoided before - having kids at court for shelter. It's
helpful to do it because I can talk to them and get to know them early, and
also so the judge can ask them about the conditions of removal if he so
chooses, which is pretty interesting.

Dance performance last week was fantastic, by the way. Messed up a few
times, but I had so much fun. Cody being gone was pretty darn rough - I sat
around and moped and watched a whole lot of Swan Lake, although I did also
get to eat tasty Thai take-out. Rose, my old high school BFF, showed up at
the performance unexpectedly - she was on Spring Break - so she filmed the
dances for me, and then she and her husband went out to dinner with me and
Naomi afterward. That Cody came home in time for dinner was kind of a
blessing. He came striding into the restaurant still wearing his suit, and
wow. That was a nice surprise. He looks good in a well-tailored suit (but
then don't most men?).

He said his presentation went well, that the company really likes the work
he's doing, that there's a good chance they'll hire him on after
graduation. Pretty big decision, moving back East, away from family and
pretty much everyone we know. Good opportunity, though. We'll have to
consider it very carefully.

Cody spent most of last week trying to catch up on the crazy lack of sleep
he racked up to get ready for his business trip, so we ate out an awful lot.

Watched the fights on Saturday with Naomi, Kieran, and Brandon which was
fun. Spent most of Sunday being lazy. Cody's parents surprised us with
picnic baskets, which was very sweet, and dinner out.

In other news, we started watching Into the Badlands. I'd seen some about
it kicking around the prompt comms where I occasionally write, but I knew
nothing about it. Pretty darn awesome, though. So awesome that we bought
the season pass for season 2 on Amazon Video.

Also, I am writing a ballet AU (which is hilarious, because I know nothing
about ballet, and have deadlines for other stories I should be meeting
besides), so I've been watching Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake over and over
again (and may or may not have a ridiculous crush on Adam Cooper now?) and
listened to the soundtrack kind of obsessively, and I am soooo close to the
end of that story.

Last week was just long overall - recovering from sleep, all five days in
court, and most of the days when I thought things would be easy they ended
up not being easy, so that kinda sucked. Didn't write as much as I wanted -
I think I had a zero day last week, which almost never happens.

But I just need to keep holding on. One more week till Dan gets of baby
leave, and he can take his case back. One of my girls went on the run this
weekend, and it's been insane. She came back, but the case continues to be
super crazy.

Can I hold on for one more week? We shall see...


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